Our Story

Our Fluke Jewellery story starts with Roger Philby, a man with a deep passion for the natural world and all the creatures in it. His childhood fascination with London pond-life sparked an intrigue in sealife, especially dolphins, whales and porpoises. A fascination which has evolved into a nature inspired jewellery collection.

The Marguerite Explorer

Since the early 1980’s Roger spent holidays and study trips aboard the 80-year-old converted Dutch Ketch The Marguerite Explorer (only a few years younger than Roger!! :)) plotting the movement of Cetaceans.

His lifelong fascination with these creatures led to his very first jewellery design based upon a 'fluke'. And so Fluke Jewellery was born.

Fluke: The lobes of the tail of a cetacean such as dolphins and whales - Wikipedia

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Inspired by Nature

Roger has lived in Birsay, a beautiful part of the Orkney Isles, since 2002.

With views of his beloved sea life directly from his workshop gallery, Roger was compelled to create more nature inspired jewellery. His designs form the basis of the Fluke Jewellery range.

His Dolphin designs are as hugely popular now as the day they were imagined.

Dolphins Collection

Fluke Jewellery Today

Now that Roger has retired, Fluke Jewellery is in the hands of a small but dedicated team of like-minded individuals who share Roger’s passion for nature.  Getting to grips with his existing ranges, adding pieces to make sets, using hand applied enamel for colour and coming up with new additions.

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