Fluke Rehomed

Following Roger's retirement in 2017 Fluke Jewellery moved from Birsay in the West Mainland of Orkney to Burray, one of the South Isles linked to mainland Orkney by the famous Churchill Barriers.

Blessed with it's own natural beauty, Burray has enjoyed sightings of Orca, Humpback Whales and dolphins.  You are never far from a beach and a good Groatie Buckie hunt (more on that later!) in Burray.

Seaview Stores, the local shop, opened up their doors and made Fluke very welcome, the new life of the workshop and the beautiful jewellery displays are a wonderful addition to the store.

The existing staff have been joined by, and helped along with, the skill and knowledge of some very experienced jewellery makers - and of course Roger is always there when we need help and advice!

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