Groatie buckies or Cowries

The shell called by Orcadians a Groatie Buckie is found on sandy beaches around Orkney as is the Venus shell. This collection comprising of jewellery depicting the shells is called the Sandkrumma collection. Sandkrumma being an Orkney word for a Sandy Geo or Sandy Beach. It is on these beaches these shells are often found.

The Groatie Buckie shell is looked upon as a token of good fortune and the Venus shell a token of affection. Many people on Orkney scour the beaches for these shells & keep them in jars in their homes, in the hope they will bring good fortune to them. People even carry them in their pockets & purses! The Groatie Buckie shell is not a common shell and it is because of this, it is well sought after and treasured when found.

Maybe when you next come to Orkney you will get the Groatie Buckie bug…

Groatie buckies/Cowries

Groatie Buckie & Venus shell drop neckletGroatie Buckie and Venus shell neckletGroatie Buckie belcher bracelet
Groatie Buckie bracelet [large]Groatie Buckie bracelet [large]Groatie Buckie bracelet [small]
Groatie Buckie charm [large]Groatie Buckie charm [small]Groatie Buckie Cufflinks
Groatie Buckie earrings [large]Groatie Buckie Earrings [small]Groatie Buckie necklet
Groatie Buckie necklet [large]Groatie Buckie on cotton cordGroatie Buckie on twist bar earrings
Groatie Buckie on twist bar earringsGroatie Buckie pendant [large]Groatie Buckie pendant [large]
Groatie Buckie pendant [small]Groatie Buckie pendant [small]Groatie Buckie Silver Necklet
Groatie buckie stud earrningsGroatie Buckie TiepinLimpet shell charm
Limpet Shell earringsLimpet shell pendantSandkrumma bracelet
Sandkrumma braceletSmall groatie buckie fine curb braceletSmall groatie buckie studs
Small Silver Groatie Buckie braceletSmall Silver Groatie Buckie earringsTideline bracelet
Venus Shell charmVenus Shell EarringsVenus shell on twist bar earrings
Venus Shell pendantVenus shell pendant

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Large Groatie Buckie Cufflinks
Large Groatie Buckie Cufflinks
Large Groatie Buckie Silver Necklet
Large Groatie Buckie Silver Necklet
Small groatie buckie belcher bracelet
Small groatie buckie belcher bracelet